RATPOD (Ride Around The Pioneers in One Day) is now

Registration has closed.  If you’d still like to support Camp Mak-A-Dream, click here to donate!

CLICK HERE to watch the RATPOD Unlimited Video 

Here it is… the fundraising total (including sponsorships):

And, our top fundraisers are as follows:

Top Team – Big Mountain Club raising $21,705

Top (5) Individual Fundraisers:

Pete Grimes $6,205

John Preston – $5,125

Garrett Gunter – $4,041

Matthew Churchman – $3,925

Bill Simmel – $3,100

THIS IS SO PHENOMENAL!  Thank you… we are so deeply grateful for your support of Camp and of this event.  It means that we can continue to connect with and provide community, support and hope for cancer survivors near & far.  

For the first time in 19 years, to protect the health of our riders, volunteers and staff, in addition to abiding by the current restrictions in place in the State of Montana, we made the difficult decision that we could not hold RATPOD as a live event.

HOWEVER, we were excited that this now meant RATPOD was UNLIMITED.  On June 20th, we still “rode”.  But participants rode, walked, kayaked, hiked and more… any distance… from all 50 states and 5 continents… all in support of Camp Mak-A-Dream!  It was truly Your RATPOD, Your Way!

Riders who have earned Yellow Jerseys raising over $1,000

  • Aaron Davis
  • Alfred Matarazzo
  • Andrew Larson
  • Andy Grimmer
  • Bill Simmel
  • Brian Poletti
  • Cathy Chauner
  • Chris Skinner
  • Clare Janty
  • Dan Dean
  • David Grady
  • DJ Benton
  • Doron Kochavi
  • Douglas Lambourne
  • Ellen Hutchinson
  • Elsa Westenfelder
  • Garrett Gunter
  • Issac Jones
  • Jenn Hoover
  • John Preston
  • Karl Westenfelder
  • Laurie Carter
  • Linette Maeder
  • Mark Dean
  • Matt Lubarof
  • Matthew Churchman
  • Nathan Richmond
  • Nicole Fink
  • Owen Gue
  • Pete Grimes
  • Scott Wold
  • Steve Actis
  • Steve Demedis
  • Thomas Rymer
  • Walt Chauner
  • Will Martin
  • Erin Higley
  • Jason McMackin
  • Jeanne MacPherson
  • Joel Block
  • Joseph Petrilli
  • Peter Allen
  • Will Snider

Riders who have earned Standard Jerseys raising over $500

  • Andy Puckett
  • Anne Sobba-Higley
  • Beverly Lynch
  • Bill Schultz
  • Bill Gallea
  • Bruce Beighle
  • Cailin Bernier
  • Charles Schultz
  • Daniel Puckett
  • David Schoening
  • David Wood
  • Diana Bjorgen
  • Eric Rubie
  • Heidi Schwandt
  • Ilene Cohen
  • Jackson Puckett
  • Jeanne MacPherson
  • John Bohnert
  • Joe Petrilli
  • Julie Bohlen
  • Justin Snyder
  • Kevin McDonnell
  • Keyvin Pollington
  • Land Westenfelder
  • Linda Engh-Grady
  • Lori Westenfelder
  • Maria Kosolsky
  • Melanie Puckett
  • Michael Graham
  • Mike Mahns
  • Michael Sebahar
  • Morgan Jones
  • Nate Clyde
  • Ned Becker
  • Nicholas Clyde
  • Pat Flanary
  • Sarah Bennett
  • Shaun Radley
  • Shohei Mori
  • Heather McKearnan
  • Isaac (Ike) Wilson
  • Julie Bohlen
  • Kai Block
  • Kristin Block
  • Lisa Shapiro
  • Logan Block
  • Ross Van Wyk
  • Sheena Johnson

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who continues to generously support Camp through registering for this event and fundraising on behalf of Camp.  You. Are. Amazing.

Fundraising prizes will be available at our Foundation office or will be mailed after the conclusion of this virtual event.

On June 20th, from all over the world, we honored those who need us most by riding together…

Questions?  Concerns?  Ideas?  Please email our event manager, Courtney, at courtney@campdream.org.


Camp was an amazing way for me to not only make meaningful friendships strengthened by the common bond of cancer, but also to discover a part of myself that can relate to others in the memory of tragedy.

~ Seamus, age 18, Teen Heads Up Conference


From the outside looking in summer may seem like our busy season, but Camp Mak-A-Dream works its magic year-round. From special projects in preparation for our major fundraising events to hosting educational workshops at our Gold Creek campus, we stay busy regardless of the temperature outside. It just happens to be summertime that we especially look forward to.

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