“This place is flat-out special.”

“Camp is a serious life-line for me.”

“You can do anything you put your mind to.”

Live with. Live Beyond.

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Camp Mak-A-Dream empowers survivors and their families to live with and beyond cancer through life-changing Montana experiences where they strengthen life skills, gain resilience and develop lasting relationships.
Live with. Live beyond.

2024 Summer Staff & 2024 Volunteer Applications are NOW OPEN! We hope to see you in Gold Creek, MT.

“This is a place where you learn to wear what you have as a badge of honor.”

~ Sophia, age 16, Teen Heads Up Conference

Camp programs are organized by age group. We are an all-abilities, cost-free camp. And we are a leader in offering programs specifically for teens and young adults who’ve experienced brain cancers.

“Giving back to Camp Mak-A-Dream in my son's memory was more than I could imagine.”

~ Dawn, parent of camper

Dawn lost her son Brent to cancer, and chose to volunteer for a week as a way to honor him. “It gave me a glimpse of what he experienced over the three years he attended Camp. I am forever thankful.” Learn more about the many ways you can support Camp experiences.

“It can be life-changing for campers — medicine for the part of the body that doctors can't fix.”

~ Rhys, Teen Cabin Volunteer

Camp is medically supervised and among a very few camps nationwide that takes participants who are in treatment. We are fortunate to have skilled physicians and nurses who volunteer their time for our various camps. Learn more about these and other volunteer needs.

130 miles on a bike in one day? That’s nothing.

Each June, Camp Mak-A-Dream holds RATPOD, a 130-mile bike ride around and through the Pioneer Mountains. And each year it raises several hundred thousand dollars for camp. When we ask riders why they do it, they say compared to cancer their effort on a bike is nothing. Well, it means everything to us. Learn more about RATPOD and other fundraising events this year.

Everyone here is just like me.

From hiking the butte to fireside chats, see the difference Camp makes. This is a place, in Montana, where dreams come true. A place where connections like none other are made — without boundaries, without stigmas, without judgment. Because cancer is cancer, no matter what fancy name its diagnosis goes by.

Learn more about Camp Mak-A-Dream and see the individuals who steal the show, rightly so.

The People of Camp

The people of Camp Mak-A-Dream are what make this camp so distinctive. Read and hear some of their stories and thoughts on Camp.