Founder Harry Granader cultivated Montana relationships to make Camp Māk-A-Dream’s first summer camp session a reality. Today, our network has expanded to include partners around the country to continue expanding the breadth and reach of our mission.

Recruiting & Programming Partners

Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream, Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter of Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream supports the mission and goals of Camp Māk-A-Dream in Montana by providing support for specific projects that further the growth and advancement of Camp. The Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream also provides travel expenses for many Michigan residents to attend Camp (travel assistance requests and arrangements are handled by Camp Māk-A-Dream).

Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

Camp Māk-A-Dream originally teamed up with Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation of New York to start a program in 2018 specifically for brain tumor patients and survivors called Heads Up Conference. Camp now offers Heads Up Conferences every summer for both teens and young adults diagnosed with brain tumors to address their special needs and help foster a sense of belonging.

Cancer Support Community Montana

Camp Māk-A-Dream partners with Cancer Support Community Montana to provide Family Camp experiences to Montanans affected by cancer.  We successfully initiated this collaborative programming in 2019 and plan to continue with at least 2 family camps each year!

Memberships & Affiliations
Montana Shares

Camp Māk-A-Dream is a member of Montana Shares, which is a partnership of Montana-based nonprofits devoted to improving quality of life in communities across the state.


Camp Māk-A-Dream is a Gold Ribbon Accredited camp and member of the Children’s Oncology Camping Association, International — an association of more than 100 cancer camps across the U.S. and Canada. COCA’s mission is to strengthen, support and connect the international community of camps serving individuals and families affected by childhood cancer.

Montana Cancer Control Coalition

Camp Māk-A-Dream is a member of the Montana Cancer Control Coalition, a statewide group of partners that implement the Montana Cancer Control Plan through coordinated and collaborative efforts to enhance the odds of survivorship through prevention, early detection and state-of-the-art cancer care.

Corporate Partners
Kampgrounds of America

Camp Māk-A-Dream is proud to be one of KOA‘s Care Camps Program recipient camps, meaning we are eligible to apply annually for funding raised through Care Camps national fundraising campaigns and KOA’s Big Weekend that takes place at locations across the country.

The friendships you form at Camp are some of the best you can find ever, at any place.

~ Kristin, mentor, volunteer & former camper


From the outside looking in summer may seem like our busy season, but Camp Māk-A-Dream works its magic year-round. From special projects in preparation for our major fundraising events to hosting educational workshops at our Gold Creek campus, we stay busy regardless of the temperature outside. It just happens to be summertime that we especially look forward to.

Upcoming Events & Programs

Teen Camp
June 26
Family Camp
August 8