Benefiting Camp Māk-A-Dream

Watch this short video to learn more about the incredible people we serve at Camp Māk-A-Dream with support from riders like you. Thank you for making a difference.


At Camp Māk-A-Dream, our mission is to empower cancer survivors and their families to live with and beyond their diagnosis through life-changing Montana experiences where they strengthen life skills, gain resilience, and develop lasting relationships. 

Camper Reflections

“Camp Māk-A-Dream is a truly remarkable place. One where you and your loved ones can be vulnerable, find community, and experience joy in a time where they are facing some of life’s darkest challenges outside of the camps’ boundaries.”  – Camper, 2023 Caregivers Retreat

“My brain tumor left me blind and really impacted my emotional health. This week, however, I was not my blindness. I had the chance to be a young adult, surrounded by wonderful people. I rode a horse, went zip lining, and even shot an air rifle! This week was the greatest gift – a sliver of normalcy and relief.”  – Camper, 2023 Heads Up Conference

“This camp has been a life-altering opportunity to feel part of a community where you are seen, heard and understood in ways that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I will carry the bonds formed in just these few short days with me for the rest of my journey.”  – Camper, 2023 Young Adult Conference

Who We Are

Camp Māk-A-Dream brings together kids, teenagers, young adults, families, caregivers, and adults affected by cancer and creates a unique camp experience that allows participants to explore new passions, conquer fears, share in triumphs, and connect with peers who are facing similar experiences and challenges. 

Campers participate in a variety of recreational activities, small group discussions, and professionally facilitated workshops that help participants develop skills to manage the physical and emotional impact of cancer and gain resilience in the face of the diverse challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. 

All programs are medically supervised and cost-free to participants. 


The vision for Camp Māk-A-Dream was the inspired idea of Harry and Sylvia Granader, Michigan natives who were touched deeply by the families they met while helping to build a Ronald McDonald House. They envisioned a place to escape and enjoy life—even for just a little while—for children with cancer. In 1991, to make their dream a reality, the Granaders donated 87 acres of their working ranch in Montana and formed the Children’s Oncology Camp Foundation, dba Camp Māk-A-Dream. Construction of the camp began in May 1993 and the first camp with 46 participants was held in July 1995. Since then, we have served over 9,000 participants from all 50 states and 6 countries.

Today, Camp Māk-A-Dream proves to be the Granaders’ dream of an energy source for campers — a place where they can instantly be part of an intimate community, one that would cheer them on toward victory and reserve judgment for their tears. Camp is a place where being hooked up to a central line or battling chronic fatigue doesn’t make a camper stand out.

Seeing the kids enjoy a week away from the chaos that cancer often brings within the home was moving in so many ways. Just being a part of that was one of the best experiences of my life.

~ Austin, Teen Siblings Camp volunteer


From the outside looking in summer may seem like our busy season, but Camp Māk-A-Dream works its magic year-round. From special projects in preparation for our major fundraising events to hosting educational workshops at our Gold Creek campus, we stay busy regardless of the temperature outside. It just happens to be summertime that we especially look forward to.

Upcoming Events & Programs

Teen Camp
June 26
Family Camp
August 8