2021 Season:

This year, as so many individuals, businesses and organizations know all to well, COVID-19 caused us all to shift gears…and it’s still with us. So in keeping options open as the situation with the virus continues to change, we are posting ‘DRAFT’ schedules for what an In-Person season might look like, and what another VIRTUAL season might look like.

SPRING SESSIONS (virtual):  Caregivers Retreat (May 6-8), Ovarian Cancer Retreat (May 13-15) and the Women’s Cancer Retreat (May 20-22).  Learn more about these programs by visiting the Camps & Programs page of this site. Applications are currently open.een Heads Up campers (who are also brain tumor survivors, ages 13-18) – have been rehearsing for weeks now for this upcoming play ‘Help Desk’…and you can attend as part of the audience! The play will take part over Zoom on Sunday, February 28th. Click to Get your tickets today!

SUMMER SESSIONS (virtual): Young Adult Conference (June 15-17)Heads Up Conference (June 29-July 1)Kids/Younger Siblings (July 6-8), Teen/Teen Siblings (July 13-15), Teen Heads Up (July 20-22). Applications are currently open.

FALL SESSIONS: (Fall Ovarian, Fall Women’s, Caregivers and possible Family Camp)

Decision-making for 2021 fall programs (with regard to being in-person or virtual) will be made and announced by June 15th and applications for fall sessions will open on June 17th

Volunteer/Staff applications for our VIRTUAL spring & summer sessions are now being accepted. The number of volunteers needed for virtual sessions, however, will be far fewer than are typically available for in-person sessions. Please contact Jennifer Benton for more information or with any questions.

Learn more about the online Application process here.

Virtual fireside chats for past Ovarian & Women’s Retreat participants. Contact Jen for more information or to fill out an application if you’d like to join us. Chats take place one evening per month (through April 2021) and are open to past participants only.