Staff & Medical

Women’s Retreats

Camp wouldn’t be possible without medical supervision. It’s a necessity and an advantage of all of our programs. Medical staff is available at each of our adult retreats and will meet with participants on arrival day as needed. Registered nurses are on site during adult retreats to facilitate medical care as needed and can isolate patients if medically necessary in one of our three patient rooms.

Camp is a 20-minute drive to a community hospital and a one-hour drive to a major medical center. For emergencies, we even have a helicopter pad on site.

While some participants will have been out of treatment for years, others are just beginning and we welcome those still in the midst of treatment to attend. For adult retreats, we do ask that participants be medically independent, able to self-administer medications and notify us of any special needs in advance of attending.

Camp is a place where campers can be themselves and not have to worry about their diagnosis.

~ Blake, former camper & core staff, volunteer, donor & board member


From the outside looking in summer may seem like our busy season, but Camp Māk-A-Dream works its magic year-round. From special projects in preparation for our major fundraising events to hosting educational workshops at our Gold Creek campus, we stay busy regardless of the temperature outside. It just happens to be summertime that we especially look forward to.