Facts & FAQs

Women’s Retreats

Let’s jump right to the essentials. Weather varies in our part of country — it’s part of why it’s so beautiful here — so we suggest you pack with the plan to dress in layers throughout the day.

Suggested Packing List*

  • Medications for your entire stay
  • Long pants
  • Short- and long-sleeve shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Pajamas
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Hair dryer
  • Personal toiletry items
  • Costume / accessories for theme night party

*Camp provides bedding, towels and sunscreen. As part of our confirmation packet, we also provide a more detailed list specific to each program.

We also have a Camp Store with logo apparel and smaller keepsake items, plus at our women’s and ovarian retreats, we also have a silent auction/raffle, so you may wish to bring some form of payment (cash, check, credit card or payment app) should you choose to make any purchases.

On occasion, we may also take an off-campus trip. Most costs of such a trip are covered by Camp, but should you choose to do an activity or make a purchase outside of the scheduled activity, that cost would be the responsibility of the participant.


Please Note

  • Space is limited, bring only what you need.
  • Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Lost and found items are kept only for a limited amount of time.
  • Valuables can be locked in the Health Center, but we prefer that they stay at home.

What not to Bring to Camp

  • Pets
  • Expensive jewelry, electronics or watches
  • Alcohol, tobacco products of any kind, matches, lighters, fireworks, laser pens
  • Knives, firearms or other weapons
  • Illegal drugs


One of the goals of Camp Māk-A-Dream is to provide inclusive programs in a safe and supportive environment for all regardless of race, religion, age, economic status, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Camp holds a spirit of love and acceptance. It is a family that relies on support and kindness.

~ Grace, Teen Heads Up Conference mentor