Camp Mak-A-Dream Volunteer


There are many ways you can get involved with Camp. Volunteer at a fundraising event. Display our literature at your business. Look into our planned gift options. Or be a presenter at Camp, and share your knowledge of a special field with a group of open, eager and fun campers. There's no shortage of ways. All you have to do is decide.

Foundation Office

Perhaps you have a busy schedule but would still like to donate a few hours of your time here and there. We often have projects taking place in our foundation office in Missoula and would be happy to talk with you about adding your name to our list of volunteers we call upon as projects arise or we're preparing for an upcoming event. If you're interested in volunteering at our office in Missoula, please contact Shelley Cooper, Office Manager, at (406)549-5987.

Fundraising Events

Camp Mak-A-Dream hosts several fundraising events each year and we can use volunteer help at all of them. If you're interested in helping for a few hours or a few days at one of our fundraising events, please contact Jennifer Benton, Marketing and Special Events Director, at (406)549-5987 or visit our Events Page on this site to learn more.

Host an Event

Camp is always looking to reach out to members of communities around Montana and across the country. If you would like to help us spread the word or raise funds to support our programs, we'd like to talk to you about how to go about doing that. We want to support you in these efforts, so please contact us in advance of holding a benefit event so that we can answer any questions you might have, provide you with marketing materials, an official Proudly Support Camp Mak-A-Dream logo, and be aware of the details of your event in the case we get calls or questions from people wanting to learn more. Contact Jennifer Benton, Marketing and Special Events Director to learn more: (406)549-5987.

At Camp

There are numerous Camp sessions offered throughout the year and we rely upon volunteers at each one of them. To learn more about volunteer opportunties during a Camp session, visit the Camp Volunteer page of this site.