Each of our Sibs sessions has a dedicated medical staff led by our camp nurse and 1-2 volunteer nurses.  Our on-site health center is a stand out facility where we administer medications and can even isolate patients if medically necessary.

The medical team meets one on one with campers on arrival day and the camp staff is informed of any specific medical issues and/or limitations (such as swimming, sun exposure etc.). Medications are collected and distributed by the medical staff at both Sibs Camps. The presence of the medical staff is non-intrusive to the daily activities at Camp but they are available 24 hours a day to address the needs of the campers.

Our health center has three private rooms which allow for close monitoring 24 hours per day. Camp is a 20 minute drive to the community hospital and a one hour drive to a major medical center. For emergencies, we have a helicopter pad for urgent medical evacuation.